February 6, 2012

Koinzell's Barbarian (PVE)


As you can see, Koinzell focus more on PvE and wish to be a great DPS-er. His Barbarian focus a lot on Final Damage and critical. Kindly refer to his description about Battle Howl as I think he make use of it efficiently.




10 remaining SP for Gigantic Bomber. This is more of a fun skill with short casting time and cd compared to Typhoon. Mostly used against dragon.

Skill plates:

Character stats:

So why the change in skill point distribution as well as skill plates, and even skill rings (see below)?

Permanent SuperArmor:
lvl 4 Iron skin => 50% dmg reduction, 22 secs, cooldown 38 secs
lvl 4 Charging Howl => 34% dmg reduction, 35 secs, cooldown 56 secs (after -20% cd skill plate)
Simple Maths here: 22 secs + 35 secs = 57 secs > 56 secs. As long as you don't overlap Iron skin and Charging Howl, you are Superarmor-ed permanently :D

Permanent Battle Howl:

lvl 6 Battle Howl (+1 from ring): +30% phy atk bonus, +38% crit / stun bonus, duration 39 secs after +20% duration skill plate, cooldown 40 secs.

So with my 11.5k atk above, I get ~15k atk after applying the pretty much permanent 30% bonus. OMFG!

I already lowered my crit from 20k to 15.7k critical, but it is still too high now, after the 38% bonus its overkill back to 20k. I will be lowering my crit even further in exchange for more DPS in future.

DPS skills:
Lvl 9 Circle Swing - this skill is great, huge aoe, nice dmg, decent cd. Why this over Circle Bomber (or Bombs Away in DN NA)? I tested Circle Bomber before, the damage doesnt scale as well as circle swing. And personally I have always liked aoe around me rather than in front of me.

lvl 7 Whirlwind, lvl 7 Rolling Attack

- Need I say more?

Some Gear snapshots:

I know the Battle Howl Ring is far from perfect, but even as it is, it gives more damage than my destruct ring with crit potential, thx to 5% atk bonus from 1 lvl of battle howl. Not to mention, I failed 4 or 5 times before it succeeded crafting. =/

May optimize my damage further in future (my potentials arent ideal for 100% DPS yet, and maybe heraldry expansion too).

The setup above has 844 FD which gives the following dmg boost (based on Chaos' version 4 calculator)
Against lvl 40: 98.7%
Against lvl 50: 39.2%

Latest Update:
I have 1300 FD now which gives the following boost:
Against lvl 40: 100%
Against lvl 50: 100%

2 lvl 40 heraldry plates with 3rd opt FD = 59 x 2 = 118
1 lvl 50 FD heraldry plate = 170
4 lvl 50 heraldry plates with 3rd opt FD = 85 x 4 = 340

So 628 from plates, 100 from dark dragon set bonus, 420 from totem, 122 from apo neck/earring, 30 from title = 1300.

Of cos, my atk now drops from 11.5k to 10.8k or ~11k (depending on which costume I wear , I prefer looks so 10.8k :P). With battle howl, it gets to 14k.

Side Note: cDN has released the latest patch that fixed the battle howl bug in 1 of the servers, should be applied to all servers tomorrow. Will upload new vids then, hehehe.
I believe sacrificing ~1k atk for 18.4% dmg boost (from 1178 FD to 1300 FD) is definitely worth it.

In future, if I come across a good deal for FD 3rd opt plates, I might upgrade again. Otherwise, I should be sticking with this setup until another FD set comes.

Oh, maybe +13 the gauntlet for red glow xD. I love the red glow of the axe now, hehe.

Update: As per tested by cDN players in duowan, the battle howl +30% doesnt apply to the atk value in your stats screen, but rather directly to your skills instead (see Chaos' post in the thread for more info). I am still keeping lvl 6 battle howl because I like the perma howl, the crit and the 30% is still useful.

Credits :
Leciel which is the owner of Koinzell(IGN) from MMOsite forum


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  2. What are the enhancement heraldry you equipped?