January 29, 2012

Apocalypse Nest Guide


Basically, you can enter the Apocalypse Nest 5 times per week for Abyss mode, and 3 times per week for Hell mode. The entry stamp will drop from various Abyss Dungeons from Lv33-40.

When you 1st enter the Nest, you will face a White Soul Boss just like what you see in Dried Marissa Spring. After defeating it, you will obtain 2 keys from a chest which can unlock various gates in the nest. Within this area, you will see 6 seal stones, which will be broken upon opening various gates with your keys obtained after defeating the nest bosses. For example, after unlocking a gate that requires 2 keys, 2 seal stones will be broken.

I will be labeling the bosses’ names with either (L) or (R) to indicate where they are situated at in the nest. For (L), they can be located after moving through the gates on the left, and for (R), they can be located after moving through the gates on the right.

After breaking these 6 seal stones, the gate to the Thunder Beast will open. And upon defeating it, you will now face the final Apocalypse boss. (Note that the 2 flame demons that appear after the Thunder Beast stage has been removed in the newer patches from the foreign servers.

General :

For hell mode, you can get your ticket from box after you complete Abyss Apocalypse Mode.

For normal mode, you can get your ticket from the box of any Abyss Dungeon in Saint Haven

Every entrance of a stage has a door. To unlock the door , you has to collect a specific number of keys. After you cleared any stage , there will be a box to get the next key.

At the middle of the square , there are 6 stone seal. These seal stone break by the number of keys required every stage yo ucleared. So, if you complete the stage with 1 key, 1 seal will be break.

You don't have to clear all stage to proceed to Apocalypse. Simply clear just 6 seal stone will do.

Location of Apocalypse Nest is shown below :

You can enter this nest through Garden of Time and Space too.

Important Pointers:

1) Try to do Manticore Nest before doing Apocalypse Nest because the former is easier.

2) Utilise your blue revival stones effectively. You can try doing 1 Manti 1 Apo per day, or maybe 2-3 Manti per day, followed by Apo for the subsequent days.

3) I guess you don’t even have to think about completing the Hell mode of these Nests unless your gears are quite top notch.

4) Priests, Paladins, and Force Users will probably rise in popularity even more due to their various roles in a party.

5) Don’t try to kill all the bosses if your equipment is not top notch. You can simply kill about 4-5 bosses and proceed to the Thunder Beast.

Boss 1 : White Soul

Just like what you see from the picture, the White Soul boss will welcome you with its skeleton minions. Some of its skills include shooting out red eyeballs to you. It moves in a straight line, and has quite a fast moving speed. The damage isn’t that great, but upon getting hit, you will be silenced for a certain time.

It can also cast Spectrum Shower. Yes, it is the same as the skill of Force Users. The damage may not be a lot, but it can launch you in the air upon hit.

Other than these 2 skills, it possess the same features as the Dried Marissa Spring’s boss. For example, it can become invisible for 1-2 seconds to avoid your attacks. It can also move behind you with its reaper.

Take note that you need to finish the boss within 120 seconds. If not, you will never be able to get the bonus Royal Chest (RC) in one of the rooms. (I will touch on this RC later).

Boss 2: The Death God who fears the Light (L)

You need 1 key to unlock the gate to this stage.

Upon entering this stage, you will see a small little statue in the middle of the room. Upon pressing it, light will shine through the window into the room. You have to lure the boss towards the light so that you can successfully hit it. Without light shining into the room, the boss will be invincible.

The light will last about 10-20 seconds. It will appear in a clockwise direction every time you click the statue. When the boss enters the area with light being shine on, it will be stunned for a slight duration. This is the indication that you can start attacking it now. However, it will go invisible for a while, so don’t be too rush in getting your skills out. Take a look at this picture below.

Take note that after the boss is stunned by the light, it can be attacked as long as the light is shone on the room. It doesn’t matter if the boss is being shone or not. The stun is an indication that the boss can be attacked as long as light is still shining through.

A slight tip for this would be, one player can stay at the statue while the rest try to lure the boss to the top-right corner 1st. This is the place where the the light will first shine through the window. After the boss reaches the area, the player near the statue can now click it.

Tips : The light's sequence is right top , right bottom , left bottom , right top of the map and this sequence repeats.

Boss 3 : Black Smoke Brothers (L)

You need 1 key to unlock the gate to this stage.

Upon entering the stage, you will see 5 statues.

These statues will be broken a short while later and 5 Black Smoke will be out teleporting here and there, and striking you anytime. This stage can be cleared as long as the real Black Smoke boss is being killed, and this real boss is the first to appear right after the statues are broken. Which means the real one is the one in the middle.

These bosses are kinda similar to what you see in Sanctuary Core. They can be timestopped, frozen, gravity-ascended. So these spells may be useful in this stage. This stage should be quite easy if you don’t get all the bosses messed up all around.

Boss 4 : Giant Wisp (L)

You need 2 keys to unlock the gate to this stage.

In this stage, the Wisp Boss has the ability to teleport wherever in the map within 4 parts of the circular map. There will be small wisp minions around to interfere you with their attacks. There isn’t really much stuff here, just that it can be quite irritating when the Boss teleports very frequently.

Just take note that the boss can regen his HP for an entire bar. And if the boss teleports away from you for about 2 gates away, don’t bother chasing for it because it may teleport away again when you reach its position. Just stay at your position unless it is just at the adjacent area.

Boss 5: The Iron Skin Orge (L)

You need 2 keys to unlock the gate to this stage.

Upon entering the stage, just follow the hints. Enter the door on your right, and destroy any spiderwebs that are obstructing your way. There will be a Single-Eyed boss following you around.

Lead the boss to the wall. It will break the wall in order to let you go through. However, be careful not to be hit by his rampage. It can deal quite an amount of damage. After breaking the wall, you will see a stone slab in the next room. You will have to destroy the stone slab in order to trigger another round of the exact same procedure. Repeat this until you reach a big room where a Spider Boss will spawn.

Simply destroy the stone slab in the middle while also killing the Spider Boss. The main Ogre Boss can only be hit after all the stone slabs are destroyed.

Boss 6 : Skeletal Cow (L)

You need 1 key to unlock the gate to this stage.

Apart from this Skeletal Cow Boss, there will be various small little ghouls in the stage. When the boss is emitting a red glow, you must kill all the blue ghouls in order to deactivate the boss invincibility. Likewise if the boss is emitting a blue glow, you must kill all the red ghouls.

Take note if the main boss is targeting on you, lure it away from the ghouls and let your teammates kill the correct ghouls. This stage can be extremely annoying. Try not to do this unless you are confident of passing it.

Boss 7: The Fallen Bull Captain(R)

You need 3 keys to unlock the gate to this stage.

This boss can be quite easy for its first few HP bars. Simply follow the hints, and destroy the minions generators around the arena.

However, when it is down to 2 HP bars, there will be more generators producing more gunner minions which are extremely irritating. At this time, the boss defense will increase very significantly, just like the buffed minotaurs in the Manticore Nest.

Take note that the captain may shoot numerous bullets in one of his skills and it can be very painful.

Upon defeating all the bosses, a room on the right of the stage of the 1st Boss will be unlocked. Within that room, there is a high possibility of a Royal Chest spawning. As for what items you can find within the chest, you have to figure it out yourself.

Boss 8: Thunder Beast

The infamous Thunder Beast. If you’re low on defense, try not to stand right in front of the boss. Probably have a Paladin to draw its aggro, and stay behind it.

1) Whenever the boss lets out a cry, it will run forward while emitting various lightning streams on the ground. The lightning can be quite pain, so be careful when dodging them.

2) When you see the boss covering its head with both hands and shaking it left and right, it is about to let out a long lightning blast in front of him. Kinda similar to the Dark Lightning you see in Cerberus Nest.

3) At the later part of the battle, the boss will throw quite a few small engine parts on the ground. These engine parts can attack players, but they can also be destroyed. The problem is that their defenses are extremely high.

The 2 most dangerous spells from him, are the Charged Lightning, and the Death Hug.

4) Charged Lightning: The boss will retrieve a huge bolt from its mouth, and then strike it right in front of him. After doing so, if you are not within the close perimeters of the boss (and I mean REAL close), you will be struck by lightning for a good 5-7 seconds. Without good armors, be prepared to use your 1st revival stone. Your teammates may be able to rescue you if they manage to break the boss superarmor within the safe circle.

5) Death Hug: When the boss shakes its whole upper body left and right very quickly, it will start to move towards a players and give him/her the hug of life. Upon the initial hug, you may feel very comfortable. But after the hug ends, please press R.

Final Boss : Apocalypse

For the 1st HP Bar, the Boss focuses more on physical melee attacks accompanying with a few range attacks. For tankers, simply stand in front of the boss and tank/dodge. For other DPSers, stay at the side of the boss.

Laser: When you see the boss twitches its dangling claw slightly, it will be casting several lasers around him. Just stay away from the direction of the claws and you should be fine.

Roar: When it starts to breathe in heavily, it will release a huge breath subsequently to blow you away from it. The damage is incredibly low.

Front Smash: It will shake its head and open its mouth for a while, and subsequently do a head-smash on its front for several times.

Piercing Tentacles: When it shakes and raises its head up, it is about to land 2 sharp spears on the area in front of him.

For the 2nd HP Bar, the Boss will start using several spells to attack.

360* Laser: The boss will open its mouth wide while charging purple energy within it. After about 3 seconds, it will release a huge laser with superb range while rotating itself for 360 degrees. While it is charging the purple energy, try to move towards its back and start moving in the same direction as the boss rotating direction. Remember to stay as close to the boss as possible. If not, you will not avoid the laser for sure.

For the 3rd HP Bar,

Ground Explosion 1: When you see purple light on the ground, move or tumble/blink/slide away. Damage is high.

Rotation: It will do numerous rotation while following one player. Just try to move away from it asap.

Frontal Dash: When the boss disappears for a slight second, it will dash forward to bang its enemies.

For the 4th HP Bar,

Claw Minions: The boss will shake its head and you will hear a very distinct tingling sound. Various claw minions will spawn. They must be destroyed asap because it can hang on to you to restrict you from moving and casting spells.

Apart from releasing claw minions, the boss will also perform the other skills as mentioned above.

For the 5th HP Bar, basically it will still perform the same stuffs as mentioned above. However, if the battle with the final boss exceeds 11 minutes, the boss will now cast Heaven’s Judgment which is a 1-Hit-KO spell. Take a look at this video. The judgment starts at around 0:34.

And yes. This video also shows how Paladins can make use of their Block and Damage Reflect. By using block, you will not receive any damage from the Heaven’s Judgment, and the entire damage reflection can potentially remove 1/3 of the Apocalypse’s HP.


The video below shows how a Majesty solo Apocalypse Hell Mode. Take a good look to understand a better strategy to fight against this Nest.


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