January 4, 2012

Sieg's Tempest Skill Build

First of all , I would like to emphasis that Skill Builds are very unique and meant to be cope with gamers' play style. So , take this as a guide line but don't follow it solely.
Before going into details of the Tempest Build, as usual, I will show the description of the 3 new skills first.
  • Kick & Shoot EX – Improved superarmor, moving distance and AOE.
  • Evasion – Passive skill. 21.5% chance to evade an attack at skill lvl 2. After evasion, certain skill can be chained into it: Spirit Flame, Spinning Top and Spiral kick.
  • Hurricane Dance – Powerful kicking combo. Invincible while casting. Can’t be cast without a target. Silence the target. Ignore Shield Block and Invincibility (including avatar, stance of faith and evasion stance) . Phy Dmg 792%+2338, CD 37sec at skill lv1.

The player in the video shown here doesn't use the following skill build. Please be cautious.
Without further ado, let’s take a look at the skill build.

*** Disclaimer: Build is Raid (DDN) focused, recommended for experienced Tempests mainly ***

Got some requests asking how I would build a Tempest since my character was converted to one. This will just be a mini-guide for now, and will likely never graduate from that status till I get to do more calculations and tests. To be honest, I feel that building a Tempest is quite easy for 60 cap, especially when compared to a windwalker. 

Checklist to go over before I begin

1. All skill names will be taken from http://dn.mmosite.com/tool/skilltree4.shtml

2. Please take note I do have experience playing both Windwalker and Tempest, so unlike anything for Sniper, I actually have an idea what I am discussing xD

3. Yes, I am an out-and-out person on potential DPS, it is my preference to set the potential damage ceiling high, then work on getting the skill required to reach that ceiling. This is a very required warning apparently from the feedback on my artillery guide, so don't expect apologies if I step on anyone's toes. ^^

The Basic Build



Twin Shot vs Multi Shot - Outside of DDN, I haven't had much occasion to use Twin Shot. Considering the melee distance we will usually be in, the damage potential and lesser usage of Twin Shot (compared to Bowmasters) makes Multi Shot a winner to me. (Please, don't bother with DPS on the archer page ^^) At the very least, an acrobat will want this skill at Level 1 for the flinch effect.

Owl's Insight - Honestly, this was the last skill I picked. As an acrobat though, our natural tendency is more towards support, so we would be the preferred archers to pick this up anyway. If we take Multi Shot over Twin Shot we will definitely have the SP.

Moon Sault Kick - This is a must take, amazing skill for an acrobat.



Yes, 33SP left for us to play with. This is the basic template for a Tempest. Depending on our accessory choices, play style etc., the build can have points allocated to

1. Kick&Shot
2. Spiral Vortex
3. Air Pounce
4. Eagle's Descent (Eagle Dive is what most people I know use to refer to it, so I will be using Eagle Dive)

I will upload a recommended build later, but honestly this is all a Tempest needs to do the job, everything else is just flavour and DPS for different situations.

Binding Shot EX mechanics - *Advised to read if new to the skill*


Max it all.

The acrobat tree is the biggest concern of all, so why is there so much SP left unallocated? There are 3 reasons

1. Accessory choices
2. Role in party
3. Skill / Plate preferences

Here's the first hurdle - do we intend to be a frontline DPS? Acrobats have the potential to do pretty high damage, we won't be catching up to Artillery (good ones), but it can still be a pretty substantial amount. Why am I bringing this up? To be a frontline DPS, we NEED FD badly (we have good tail damage). Our accessories slot can definitely help in building up that FD. (I might do the calculations for FD vs technique accessories some day, if I feel inclined to. Refer to Trivia Part 1 for basic calculations) In my opinion, if we do not intend to use the Spirit Boost necklace at all, FD accessories are more than worth considering. Let's examine the technique accessory choices

Necklace - Spirit Boost, Eagle Dive
Earrings - Air Pounce, Spiral Vortex
Ring 1 - Shortbow Mastery (no contest)
Ring 2 - Spirit Excellation (it is actually a very low return ring, but is the option with the best damage potential left) OR Top Spinning (what name is that =.=) for utility purposes

Eagle Dive can reach Level 16
Air Pounce can reach Level 16
Spiral Vortex can reach Level 11

The best "advantage" of using FD accessories is the even spread of SP across all of these skills, allowing us to do decent DPS across a spectrum of situations. If it will allow you to max FD, by all means go ahead and do it instead of sticking to technique. Our DPS multiplier options are really sad - agility boosts our pdmg and critical, the only real multiplier we have any choice to push is FD. 

Of the 3 DPS skills pushed to a peak level by technique accessories, I am only satisfied with Air Pounce to be honest. Based on potential DPS, the rate of usage and cooldown only, it wins hands-down. The only problem is hit-boxes, restricting Air Pounce's usage.

Eagle Dive Level 1: 360% +81
Eagle Dive Level 6: 433% + 1561 (~20% growth)
Eagle Dive Level 11: 506% + 9257 (~17% growth)
Eagle Dive Level 16: 579% + 18070 (~15% growth)

Air Pounce Level 1: 175% + 31 
Air Pounce Level 6: 213% + 287 (~22% growth)
Air Pounce Level 11: 251% + 3901 (~18% growth)
Air Pounce Level 16: 289% + 7957 (~15% growth)

Spiral Vortex Level 1: 532% + 765 
Spiral Vortex Level 6: 718% + 10371 (~35% growth)
Spiral Vortex Level 11: 904% + 21556 (~26% growth)

Spiral Vortex

The very first technique accessory I will discount for my own use is Spiral Vortex. A lot of people have told me I "need" an action speed plate for it. I would agree - if I intend to use it as a DPS skill, I will most likely need it. Why I "should" use up a plate for this skill, I have no idea. It has much more cons than pros, it's biggest advantage being an AoE crowd clearer. Well, Dragon Nest is about the nests (to me anyway, there might be people who love to farm dailies, I have no idea, but I doubt they need a build then), and most parts of most nests have a single boss. I don't really need Spiral Vortex to be honest, it is useful for the situations that I want to use it in, but it has 1. bad damage overall, 2. long cooldown 3. easily cancelled, rubbish SA 4. competes against Air Pounce, which has much higher damage potential. That does not mean I will abandon it, but leaving it at Level 6 seems to be the best choice to me. Decent enough damage to be useful as a crowd clearer for casual content, while not having enough SP invested or damage done to take up a plate slot.

Eagle Dive

Eagle Dive is actually a pretty good skill, but it has some issues that hold it back, none of which can be helped. Let me clarify this first, Eagle Dive is a skill that has one huge advantage over Air Pounce, which is consistency. (There is one other advantage, the random chance, similar to Spiral Edge, that 2x hit occurs, but it being random...) The numbers and overall facts are really against it though -

Even when we exclude total DPS potential (Air Pounce is obviously higher), in terms of SP invested, assuming a technique accessory was used to boost each skill
Eagie Dive Level 1>16 (~60% growth)
Air Pounce Level 1> 16 (~65% growth)

It competes against Spirit Boost for the necklace slot (and Spirit Boost is the reason people want acrobats). 

It has very low total DPS contribution, to the point if we were to consider using it, our technique accessories would all be individual damage boosters, so why not just get nest accessories for FD, and spread our SP across our skills?

Eagle Dive has one of the worst % gain in casting time under Spirit Boost for all of acrobat's skills - from 1.1s to 1s, a 0.1s decrease.

Eagle Dive is not part of any of the possible optimal Time Acceleration combinations, the time lost from using Eagle Dive as compared to Moon Sault Kick to come down from the air at any point after Double Somersault Kick lowers the sequence's total DPS output despite the board damage difference. (You can try it yourself. The casting time to use Binding Shot EX + Double Somersault Kick EX + Eagle Dive = same casting time taken for Binding Shot EX + Double Somersault Kick EX + Moon Sault Kick + Spiral Vortex (with action speed plate).) The theoretical best is Binding Shot EX + Doubler Somersault Kick EX + Air Pounce 1x + Moon Sault Kick. Just refer to the 2 links below for further information.

Time Acceleration discussed
Time Acceleration rotation calculations ~Credits to Brushy for translating

Eagle Dive makes you vulnerable right after you come down. When using Air Pounce, if you see danger, just Top Spinning (this name is seriously lame, was it impossible to get a better translator =.=) away. Without Spirit Boost, 2 pounces = 1s, Eagle Dive 1.1s. With Spirit Boost, 3 pounces = 0.9s, Eagie Dive 1s. (the aforementioned timings are casting times). Since 2 pounces are close to Eagle Dive damage, in other words, even from a casting time perspective, Eagle Dive is put into a bad position.

That is not to say one cannot spend SP on Eagle Dive, especially considering the potential chance for 2x hits. It is not absolutely worse than Air Pounce, since Air Pounce has it's own issues to deal with. From the above though, I find it very very hard to recommend Eagle Dive, especially the point regarding FD. An Eagle Dive choice is a DPS choice, as opposed to Spirit Boost. Given how important FD is to acrobat's DPS output (see the low%...), it is really too hard to recommend a Level 15+1 Eagle Dive. I would leave it at Level 1 personally, considering all the factors. (If it was 70 cap, a level 16 Eagle Dive might have potential since it wouldn't require a skill accessory, but considering the necklace slot + FD issues...)

Air Pounce

If Double Somersault Kick is the heart of an acrobat, Air Pounce is the blood ^^ I am sure all acrobats will know why. Air Pounce not only grants huge DPS, it buys time for our other skills to cooldown while doing so (it's like a mega souped-up version of Twin Shot for bowmasters, though the DPS isn't even on the same scale), and has a 6s cd, so you can literally launch back up into the air after another Double Somersault Kick and pounce away.

This skill has 3 issues, 1 of which can be remedied. Firstly, lag = don't even think about using Air Pounce as a DPS skill. Secondly, some enemies have weird hit boxes that do not allow us to Air Pounce easily (while some enemies seem impossible to Air Pounce, there are often times spots that allow us to do so, if we can find them). Lastly, is the issue that we can remedy - Air Pounce timing. I know, most of us who play acrobats find it simple. From lending my Tempest out though, as well as interacting with some other acrobats I know, they find it hard to use Air Pounce properly, leaving it at Level 1 and not taking the effort to use it. This is a huge mistake, it will remove a considerable percentage of our DPS output. I would put this skill at Level 11 at least, recommended Level 16 (if you use technique accessories).

Yes, the con about the hitbox is a huge downer. The cons on Eagle Dive's part is just too overwhelming to not invest the SP on Air Pounce though. 

Spirit Boost

This is the soul of an Acrobat. A lot of people will say, the necklace is only 2s. Is the movement speed and cooldown bonus of Spirit Boost a super broken buff? Is it good to have it last as long as possible? The huge demand for acrobat stems entirely from this skill, which shows that most people already understand how incredible this skill is. It is truly a sad day when we ourselves don't recognize it. This is the one reason why I would be willing to forsake FD accessories, and is definitely my recommended necklace for every Tempest who uses technique accessories. It will also determine our choice to shift away from a DPS role (people who max their FD with plates aside) towards a more support role, which we should be comfortable with. Especially recommended for those who are less geared.

These 2 seconds can also make a world of difference in DDN, even if just for one instance - rotating breath. If your party members make a mistake, it can give them a longer opportunity to get away at a faster speed to avoid the dragon catching up. If you are unfamiliar with the timing to give Spirit Boost and pressed it too early, that extra 2s can cover up for your mistake. To me, the contest between Spirit Boost and Eagle Dive doesn't exist at all, grab this at all costs if you give up FD accessories.


There's nothing much to say about this skill. Either leave it at 6 as utility or max it, as a filler DPS. I would choose to max it, especially for instances where Air Pounce cannot be my preferred mode of DPS. Level 16 Kick&Shot EX, immediate left click is 827%+20474 on a 8s cd, which is not at the level either Spiral Vortex or Eagle Dive can compete against, Time Acceleration aside. Full damage 1004%+24860, but not likely to use that at all. My choice for the non-standard DPS routine filler skill - good damage, cooldown, and utility, can't really ask for much more.

Sieg, why you ignore all other skills? Sieg lazy xD. I believe that the crux of the issues surrounding Tempest decisions are what I have mentioned above, guides on i-frames or whatever are not my cup of tea. I'm only really interested in the decisions that will affect our DPS / ability to do our job. Any more and this mini-guide might expand to a full guide!! =p

Recommended Build based on above conclusions (technique accessories)

Credits to Brushy: If you don't use Spirit Flame much, feel free to remove the SP and add it to Spiral Edge

***If you are interested in following the proposed build for 70 cap, don't learn Circle Shot and save the SP***

FD Accessories Build 

Give up Circle Shot (You don't really need it) to squeeze out SP for Level 6 Eagle Dive. 1SP left, invest where you like. You can give up Circle Shot in the technique accessories build, but both Mon and I agree that it isn't worth it.

Gear Recommendation

Gearing efficiently for 60 Cap

4 pieces Dangerous Desire Armor (Helm, Bottom, Sleeves, Shoes)
1 high enhanced non-set Torso Armor 
2 high enhanced Bloody (Arena) Weapons / 50L weapons

This is the only setup I will recommend. No reason to get the 5th set bonus. If going 50L weapons, swap armor to 4 piece 60S DDN over time, for a high pdmg build. Alternate build for additional HP, 4 piece DD armor, 50L shoes.

Armor Suffix

Head - Wind
Torso - Wind / Vit
Bottom - Wind / Vit
Shoes - Wind

I really like damage and we have all those i-frames. So yea... but I know a lot of people who asked me are planning for DDN, and you really want to have as much hp as you can at the exploration phase, to maximize the use of your ticket. You can always reset your suffix later. Swallow the pride and learn as much as you can, then become a solo god like Mon (Freedom resident solo acrobat)

Weapons Suffix

Wind + Iron Wall is the only real choice. Destruction's effect needs to trigger on very specific skills to be worthwhile, no point really. I don't believe in striking gold that often. Since nearly every other physical class in the raid should do more damage than us (Gladiator, Engineers, Dancers, Snipers), except Guardians (maybe mercs too, but they really are rarely seen in DDN from my experience, so I will discount them for now, sorry mercs), and even Guardian has higher 1 hit damage than us in general. 2 Iron Walls isn't an issue anyway. Can't really see who is in a much better position than us to craft Iron Wall. If we are the DPS version of tempest, 50L weapons please, no need to worry about suffix then xD


DPS types - FD accessories
Support types - Spirit Boost Necklace, Air Pounce Earring, Shortbow Mastery Ring, Spirit Excellation OR Top Spinning (I swear, seeing this name alone makes me not feel like getting this ring at all) Ring.

Best stats on technique accessories
Necklace - Max AGI or VIT
Earrings - Max AGI or VIT
Rings - 411 PDMG + 110 VIT

Pot Choices

Armor, Necklace, Earrings: AGI + VIT + HP

Rings: PDMG + AGI (Best to have PDMG + AGI + VIT)

Weapons: PDMG + AGI (Try to get MP Recovery if you can, it might help)


Stats: PDMG, AGI, VIT, HP, DEF, MDEF, FD + whatever (trash plate with 3rd stat)

Skills: Spirit Boost -cd, Double Somersault Kick +DMG, Binding Shot +DMG, Air Pounce +DMG

Why Spirit Boost -CD: Yes, in a raid, the timing for Spirit Boost can be quite mission critical, and we will not get to use it whenever we want. Having said that, I don't want to end up swapping plates all the time, I spam Spirit Boost when I can outside of raids. If I end up soloing a boss, I can go trigger happy as well. There is also 1 more advantage in DDN - The dragon has a very bad habit of making us press the Eye of Life. Whether for pressing within a short period of time, or for pressing -> rotating breath, the sooner you have your Spirit Boost ready, the safer it is for the party. For the sake of avoiding accidents as much as possible, get this plate ready.

Air Pounce +DMG: Feel free to swap to any other skill you might want, depending on how you choose your skills. Don't necessarily have to follow what I mention above after all. This is my choice for maximum potential DPS. Can be swapped for Spiral Vortex Action Speed (my next choice), Chain Tumble -CD (3rd choice), Kick&Shot + DMG (4th choice) Eagle Dive + DMG (last choice)

The other 2 plates should be no-brainers, they are the core of our DPS routines in and out of Time Acceleration.

That’s all for now. Feel free to drop in any comments.

Credits to chaose5 from MMOsite forum and dragonnestblog.com .

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