December 12, 2011

Dragon Nest SEA 32 to 40 Level Fast Levelling DOTC

From 32 Level to 40 Level , before exploration of new patch , the best place to train currently is Dark Overlord Training Camp ( DOTC ) in Master Mode. What is grind ? Grinding means process of engaging in repetitive or boring tasks not pertaining to the story line of the game. But , it gives a huge boost in your EXP .

Why choose to grind DOTC?
  • High EXP from Mission Board (Master)
  • Short-cut avaiable

If you able to do it within 6 minutes, it gives approximate 300k exp. Therefore , after reduce the time for repair, loading time and etc , you can do about 5 rounds in 1 hour and get 1.5mil EXP.

However, there are 2 variations in DOTC. Credits of videos and screenshots claimed by the very right owner, that's me . xD

1st Variation:

2nd Variation:

The main difference between 1st variation and 2nd variation is located in 1st map :

This is a picture when I getting reward from Mission Board. For those pouch you get, you can sell to merchant and earn 1.5g straight. Don't open it unless you have a consistent luck.

In the meanwhile, you should find a few party members as solo Master Mode decrease durability of your equip fast. EXP System of DN SEA also gives extra EXP to those whom have party members. So, enjoy the grinding with your friends.

Wonderful Theme Park

After the new patch , a new level of Wonderful Theme Park will be launch. 300- Goblin for Level 31 and below and 500- Goblin for Level 32 and above. You should start to do this as fast as possible because when the level of yours increases, the EXP from goblin decreases.

Main Story Line

For those who aren't care about their level , you should enjoy the story line granted. This is another good path which is quite interesting. Somehow, try get some side quest which comes along with your main quest and you will get another boost.

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