January 18, 2012

【T4】Snow Elestra's build

First of all , I would like to emphasis that Skill Builds are very unique and meant to be cope with gamers' play style. So , take this as a guide line but don't follow it solely.
Before going into details of the Elestra/Ice Witch Skill Build, as usual, I will show the description of the 3 new skills first.
  • Ice Barrier: Summon an ice barrier to protect yourself (receive no damage) . The maximum damage absorb is 135% (PVE) or 94% (PVP) of the caster magic attack at lv2. When the durability of the ice barrier hits 0 or after 15sec has passed, it will explode and freeze the surrounding targets for 2.5sec. CD 60sec.
  • Freezing Sword EX: Improved version of Freezing Sword. Very large AOE.
  • Ice Spear: Summon an ice ball that shoots ice spears to deal magic damage 426%+ 5616 in all directions at skill lv1. CD 49sec.

Here’s a video showing an Elestra/Ice Witch completing a dungeon. Her skills are not added based on this build.

Sorceress Skills
Glacial Spike:  Level 16  to get high chance of freeze. CD short and can deal multiple attack~Poison Cloud: level 6 to get three pieces of poison.Shockwave: Level 1 enough to bounce the enemy away when you being attack.MP Party Buff : No need SP. So , learn it for your own good and your party members too.Blink : Max as usual.Counter Spell: Bounce enemy away when you going to stand up when kissing the floor.Escape, aerial evasion:Max as usual.Physical Mastery: max for hpMP Regen: well it better to max it because elemental lord some skills CD decrease, mean you will use skills often and it consume many mp. In T4 version, elemental lord cant use the ring bug to make unlimited mp. so this skill max it for your own good.
Elemental Lord Skills

Fire Ball : this skill can up level 11 or level 16 depend on you. but i up this for lvl16 because i love throw fire ball =p

Flame Spark : CD short so just level 1. but if you prefer fire skill can try max it since it growth no bad.

Inferno:In T4, this skill nerf so no need to up too much...waste sp.
Firewall :just level 1 to make enemy fly to sky! but some of them said this skill damage growth is good (better then inferno.)
Flame road : although all will feel this skill was nerf.(50% damage left after few hits.) but the % is much higher then before and compare to ice mist.  Still top1 dps skill for elemental lord=.=
Fire Bird: T4 god skill? damage improve a lot in T4 and CD not very long. enemy will burn for 10times after get hits. nice damage.

Ignition: refer to ice fraction.

Fire Vortex : nerf. but it useful when you are solo or doing some dungeon. clear monster faster and burn effect after it.


(-30%)Frost Wind: Short CD same as Flame Spark too. Up much wont increase % of - ice resist but the duration of reduce speed will increase from 3s to 4s when level6.

(-10%)Freezing Sword : After T4, this skill level 6 to enable EX. you can either max this skill or fire ball depend on yourself. this skill useful in pvp since it use for "catch" people. This time of decrease speed will increase when lv6(2s), lv11(3s) and lv16(4s).

(-30%)Freezing Field: just put level 1 for 8s decrease speed and 30% reduce ice resist.

(-10%)Ice Stab: This skill nerf a lot in T4. it is quite powerful first two hits..but after it then only 50% damage left. somemore ice stab cant deal many combo hits like flame road so it show low damage. not really recommand to full it.

Freezing shield : This skill nerf in T4 AAAAA LOT.....only 9% damage reduce when full 60level. although wearing the plate, max reduce only 24%. So no more tanker ele in T4. What this skill left is only the SA(super armour) that make our skill no break by other easily. but still advise to max either ice or fire. sometimes this skill may make you not the first people die in nest =p

(-10%)Chilling Mist : Nerf....a lot=.= this skill i have nothing to say..even freezing sword damage more high than this skill..Orz but i just up few levels to it since can use it when other skill CD..(can do not up this skill and put the point to other skill also can.)

Glacial Wave : Max it to increase time for you to deal double damage ^^.

Icy Fraction: this skill damage improve and same damage with ignition. can up only one or both of them since CD are short.(18s), up at least 1 of them to save people in gdn.(stage5 kalahan[human])

Blizzard : Damage improve and freeze time increase(10s). can help member to double.....sure to max it!

For Undine skill

Ice Barrier: erm...since ice stack is nerf..this skill so rare to put..*(need wait 15s to break)..so level 1 to enable learn next skill.

Ice Spear : Use for ice stack and it attack will double after freeze. can be little dps =p

Freezing Sword EX : Symbol of elestra!Improve 30% damage of freezing sword.


Staff make intelligence and orb make magical.

WHY staff make intelligence?
This is because int prefix can reduce element resist of monster, this is good for us because our damage is fire/water element, this can increase our damage. Not only that, this element resist also can benefit to party member too!

WHY magical orb?
I choose orb because orb has the highest magic attack compare to doll and book. We magician special from other job, our main weapon is right hand weapon.(but at blacksmith list there always show staff is main weapon.) it attack highest than staff, so i make orb as magical to maximum my matk.

Potential : Get Fire and Water and INT as possible since elemental lord got both this elements.

Skill Plate :

Ice Shield - reduce damage.

Freezing Sword - increase damage.(complusory for elestra bif you max that skill.)

Flame Road - increase 20% damage.

Fire Bird - increase 20% damage.


T4, ice ele really nerf. the damage more weak compare to before. the main dps skill like ice stab and chill mist damage become very low in T4, some more ice stack only can deal only extra 100% so this force me to become the fire elestra. but mainly still will do the ice stack then only dps =p

Some reminder:-All of the damage of skills will increase a lot when go to level 6,11,16 and 21.(refer to chaos guide)
- Ice stack cannot over two layers, and it only can can deal extra 100% damage.

- INT prefix cannot stack with party too. a monster only can take one INT prefix effect, but can stack  with other effect like wind,destrutive and etc.

That’s all for now. Feel free to comment.
Credits to chaose5 and snow_tsuki from MMOsite forum.

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