January 30, 2012

Dungeon Farming (40 Level Cap)

This guide serves to help you decide which dungeon you should be running for gold farming or farming in Lvl40 cap.

This guide is based on this sole concept.

Gold farming or Farming in DN = Running the fastest dungeon you can run which is relevant to you

This is based on a simple logic that more runs completed overtime simply means more loots and also better overall loots should all dungeons have an equal chance to drop a certain drop. For instance in abyss mode, I assume that all dungeons have the equal amount of chance to drop epic codes from the last boss. However some dungeons have 2 final bosses which might/might not increase the chance to get a epic drop as we can’t confirm this unless we have a large data base to record. But in general, abyss dungeons with 2 final bosses usually have more chance to drop epic codes.

I’ll provide a short summary of what’s in the video below.


Firstly, which dungeon or mode you should choose to run depends on what exactly you want to farm.

This is determined by which state you are currently in DN SEA.

Are you geared?

Not so geared?

New to the game?

What do you actually need? (gold vs intermediate codes ; i.e pure gold farming vs what you actually need to improve your character)

I’ve also added a damage range indicator to give you an idea how much damage you need to do well in that dungeon. (Meaning to be able to run it efficiently)

For Geared Players to Consider

Nameless Tyrant Tomb ABYSS (Using SMs as a gauge ; 2.5k patk/matk & above) (Recommended 4-5.5mins Runtime or less)

  • Epic Intermediate Codes
  • Rare Intermediate Reverts
  • Nest Seals for Apoc/Manticore Nest (can sell for 5-6g EA ; 50-60G a stack)
  • Fire Runes

Alternative for Force Users - Ruins of Lost Time (NTT has dark element resist mobs)(Recommended 5.5-6mins Runtime or less)

  • FUs has teleport
  • Micro Generators (40-50G EA)

Alternative For Paladins - Sunken Cargo Vessel ABYSS (Advice from Paladin Forums as well as guildmates

  • dungeon suited for crusader builds paladins (according to my guildmate)

Alternative for Others - Dark Overlord Tower Both Abyss or Master (Good for Parties)

  • Red Titanium Horn (30-40G EA)


Not-so-Geared / New to the game

Nameless Tyrant Tomb MASTER (Using SMs as a gauge ; 2k - 2.5k patk/matk)(Recommended 4-5.5mins Runtime or less)

  • Ordinary Agates 10-20+ per run (18-19G per stack)
  • Fast run time since master level mobs alot easier to kill compared to Abyss
  • Pure Gold Farming

Dried Marissa Spring ABYSS (Using SMs as a gauge ; 1.5k - 2k patk/matk)(Recommended 4-5.5mins Runtime or less)

  • One of the fastest dungeon that you can run previously in 32 CAP
  • Eye Ornaments
  • 2nd Map trick (refer to video)

Dark Overlord Keep ABYSS(Using SMs as a gauge ; 1.3k - 1.5k patk/matk)(Recommended 3.5-4.5mins Runtime or less)

  • 2 Final Boss
  • 3 Mini Boss
  • Good for Epic Intermediate Code farming

Dark Tower Magic Institute DTMI Abyss (Using SMs as a gauge ; 1.1k - 1.5k patk/matk)(Recommended 1.5-2.5min Runtime)

  • Rusty Music Box 3.3G
  • Epic Low Grade Diamond Code


Other Tips and Tricks

What Guild Points can do for you

Cassius Palace

  • 400 Points = Intermediate Epic Code Pouch (Gives 1 random intermediate epic code)
  • Half of Sainthaven NPC Gifts from Abyss dungeons contribute to Cassius Palace Points
  • Unlock the required NPCS (Duke, King Cassius, General Douglas)

Golden Goose

  • VIP Membership Pass (Unique) 2500 points
  • +15% Selling Price
  • -50% Repair and enhancement fee


Tips to Maximize Profit and Minimum Wastage of Time:
To make the most of every runs, I suggest you do the following:

1. Pick up only worthy items, stacking up isn't good with a limited inventory. The items worth picking up are:

-gifts (normal for master, magic grade for abyss) to profit from gifts.

-intermediate codes, both rare and epic grade. (epic ones need seals, and price depends on the class, Bravery ones are most expensive. )

-magic grade equipments only if you have purchased an extra adventurer's bag. You can profit from them through disassembling.

-gold coin loots of course

-normal grade boss loots (warning signs etc..., most are worth 1g+ each)

-crafting loots (fire runes for NTT, the red horn thing for DoT) Note: NTT has 2 bosses at abyss difficulty, therefore you have a chance of getting more fire runes/run.

2. Bring an extra weapon, and don't wear armors. No matter how strong your equipments are they won't last for 3 consecutive runs (abyss/master), and unfortunately a trip back to town would cost you at least 3 minutes and at times your farming momentum (or spirit, motivation, pretty much anything you call it.) Try bringing an extra equipment to prolong your farming time. Trust me, wasting 3 minutes every 2 runs is significant in the long term.

As for your armors, their durability deplete along with the weapons, and a full repair costs around 7g (LvL 40 Epic). Huge isn't? That's why keep them at storage if you only plan to farm. If you find it hard not getting hit however, at least wear magic grade equips (or even rare grade if you want to). They're disposable.

3. Farm with the right character. Apparently, the most useful class for farming are PvE oriented swordmasters (crit-type I assume?) because of their DPS and Dash which significantly cuts the completion time. Classes like Mercs, Paladins, and Priests don't fare well in farming without excellent equipments (DPS boosting equips). I farm with a BM and sometimes a fully equipped Merc, and is pretty much happy with it.

4. At least try to go for the gold chest. If ever you don't know, gold chests have a small chance of giving Epic Skill Plates at abyss difficulty. Yeah, so don't waste the probability.

5. Don't forget the bunny. Even if you're not their for the frags (frags won't drop without a d.key), gifts and bunny loots are worth looting!

6. If ever you're bored, there are many gold farming alternatives like the ones listed below:

- Nest Farming - Forget the weekly limit. The key here is to have multiple characters. More nest runs = more chance of getting gold nest chest loots!

Normal: Manti/Apoc equips, Lvl 40 equips (nerwin, barnac etc..), Crafting parts etc...
Hell: Epic grade accessories (Take note of destruction!), Nest Skill Plates...

- Bunny Farming - DTMI and Sigh Canyon abyss runs. Approx 1-2 mins / run. Sure loots are 15pcs d.frags, 2 d.keys, and gifts for a silver bunny and an additional epic skill plate for gold bunnies. Take a look at here.

Note: Gold Bunny Hunts are different! Gold bunny hunting means you won't click on silver bunnies and only on gold ones. These are encountered on Sanctuary Core Abyss runs etc...

Based on my own experience, I came out with a conclusion like this...

The conclusion of Farming Dungeon should be something like this:

  • Hunt the dungeon with most in the demand materials.
  • A dungeon which can be completed fast.
  • A dungeon which have 2 boss in the final stage. ( more chances for Epic Codes and etc)
  • Less time wasting on repair or others distraction.
  • Bunny Box are always good to open as Nest Entry Tickets worth money too.


http://www.dragon-nest-guides.com/ for Tips to Maximize Profit and Minimum Wastage of Time.

http://kazudragonhaven.tumblr.com/ for details in dungeon farming.