January 15, 2012

Synchro's Howler Barbarian Build

First of all , I would like to emphasis that Skill Builds are very unique and meant to be cope with gamers' play style. So , take this as a guide line but don't follow it solely.
Before going into details of the Barbarian Build, as usual, I will show the description of the 3 new skills first.
  • Heat Combo: 12% Chance at lvl2 to inflict additional phy. damage equal to your attack status. CD 7sec.
  • Stomp EX: Enhanced version of Stomp, with improved AOE. The 2nd wave of stomp EX deal 30% additional damage and also induce slow effect.
  • Bone Crash: Leap into the air and deal phy dmg 395.6%+1740 at lv1, cd 35sec. Induce “bone break” effect which deals additional 239 damage per hit for 10sec. Damage increase applies even if the target is hit by your party member. Direction can be controlled in air too.
The video below shows a Barbarian solo-ing a quest dungeon.

The player in the video shown here doesn't use the following skill build. Please be cautious

The video shows how Heat Combo actually works. When you dealing damage, if there is an extra line of damage that is equal to your attack stats. That is the activation of the skill. For example, if you are using Whirlwind, and the damage numbers goes like 500 500 500 2000 500 500. This means that the 500 comes from the Whirlwind while the 2000 is your attack stats, the damage is triggered by Heat Combo. As for Bone Crash, basically to fully utilise it, after casting BC, you should use a skill which deals many hits at one time, Whirlwind in particular. The damage is raised by 239 PER HIT. You may be wondering why not Whirl Typhoon, doesn’t it do many more hits compared to Whirlwind? Yes you are right, but from a video I’ve seen. There is this Barbarian who used BC on manticore and then use Whirl Typhoon. However, I did not see the increase in the damage per hit. I may be wrong on this though. Those who are playing in other servers who know how this works can comment below.

Alright, let’s take a look at the build.

This is a support build for PVE. All the howls, except Disenchanting howl, are maxed and damage output is compromised. Battle Howl for boosting crit and attack while Panic Howl endows superarmor for the party during damage dealing windows or during time acceleration. 

This build has another perk - great survivability. The build focuses on  ensuring almost permanent damage reduction of at least 60% (without priest's buff) through the two superarmor buffs and the dash plate. In combination with priest's buff, careful management of cool down and duration of the two superarmor buffs, and timely usage of flying swing or dash, one can achieve zero damage taken for most attacks.




Skill Rings:
1) Battle Howl +1 : This ring will increase the critical given by the buff to 6200.

Skill Plate:
1) Iron Skin +20% duration
2) Panic Howl -20% cd
3) Taunting Howl +50% duration
4) Dash -30% damage taken

That’s all for now. Feel free to comment. You may want to provide feedback. Thanks alot!

Credits to chaose5 and sync08 from MMOsite forum.

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