December 26, 2012

v2seraph's PvE Gear Master T4 Skill Build

First of all , I would like to emphasis that Skill Builds are very unique and meant to be cope with gamers' play style. So , take this as a guide line but don't follow it solely.
Before going into the details, I will show you the new 2nd advancement skills for Gear Master.

  • Chainsaw Tower: Summon a tower which can deal piercing damage. Physical Damage : 298% + 4791. Last 20 sec. Can only attack a maximum of 10 times. The enemies who get close to the tower will suffer 20% extra damage. Can summon a maximum of 3 regardless of the type.
  • Mechaduck EX: Enhanced version of Mechaduck, Extra 15 secs of duration , 30% of HP, 50% of damage.
  • Big Mecha Bomber: Commands Mechaduck to chase a nearby enemy and then self-destruct. Mechaduck will change the size over time by 3 stages. Physical Damage :683% + 10711. 1st stage : 80% Damage , 2nd Stage : 100% Damage , 3rd stage :150% Damage.

The player in the video shown here doesn't use the following skill build. Please be cautious

T4 Gear Master:

Latest T4 level 60 build as of 21st July 2012 

Before we start, take note that:
1) This build is mainly focused on PvE.
2) Use this for reference only, tweak as you see fit.  


●Quick Shot (三连射)      
20SP to max this skill, damage wasn't good enough. Not that worth IMHO.

●Air Shot (空隙爆破)   
Useless skill for PvE. 

●Napalm Grenade (凝固汽油弹)   
Damage wasn't as high as it suggest when maxed. You can safely ignore this.

●Stun Grenade (眩晕手榴弹)      Recommended!
Max for 60% stun chance. A good filler skill to use when other skills are on CD.

●Wax (上蜡)      Recommended!
Reduced CD and slip rate. Most importantly, mobility for you and your party! No reason not to max this as you will have to spend 45 SP in this tree anyway.

●Force Out (轰击)   
Still don't see any use in PvE. May have its use in the future..? Ignore this for now.

●Summon Alfredo (召唤摄魂怪) / Recall Alfredo (呼唤摄魂怪)    
Summon Alfredo has 10 seconds CD only so... You may leave it at level 1/2 if you wish. Mine is at level 3 as Alfredo die really fast in level 60 nests.

●Bubble Launcher (泡泡弹)   
Cannot disable boss as usual, add 1 level if you are into PVP for 2 seconds bind.

●Tumble (闪避) / Aerial Evasion (浮空调整)    
Max, your life saving skills!

●Mega Hammer (百万重锤) / Air Bomb (天空裂变)    
PVP skills, ignore these.

●Circle Bomb (旋转爆栗)   
Create explosion around you and stand up immediately. Requires 1 SP only so no reason not to get this in T4. 

●Physical Mastery (力量掌握) / Mental Mastery (精神掌握) / Mental Training (精神训练)     
Max HP. Add 1 level to MP & MP Regeneration, you may want to max MP & MP Regen if you are into PVP. MP usage is really high in T4 so I suggest max out MP Regen.

●Vending Machine (自动贩卖机)   
Well, cost no SP. 


NOTE: You need to spend 45 SP on Academic tree in order to learn ultimate!

●Rocket Jump (火箭跳跃)   
Lv 1 for utility. Still no invincibility frame~ 

●Fake Bomb (迷惑爆栗)   
Only useful for dungeons. Still useless in Nests.

●Gravity Grenade (重力手榴弹)   
Tried to max this... Better spend on somewhere else, 1 level is enough.

●Ping Pong Bomb (乒乓爆栗)      Recommended!
Fast casting, fast CD, high damage. You know the drill!

●Mine Thrower (脑电波投射)      Recommended!
Damage is damn good if you get full hits on huge targets! Since you won't have any problem doing normal dungeons, I suggest maxing this, especially if you are one who don't rely on summons.

●Chemical Missile (生化导弹)   
Good burst damage when maxed, your choice. As for me, getting 1 lvl for the debuff is enough as higher level does not increase debuff duration & defense reduction. 

●Alfredo Stomp (摄魂怪践踏)   
Okay damage for a 11 seconds CD skill, but bear in mind that Alfredo die really fast in level 60 nests.

●Alfredo Berserker (摄魂怪杀繆)   
Tried to max this again, may be good for Shooting Star at level 70/80 cap LOL! We Gear Masters can ignore this as we specialize on ducks. 

●Damage Transition (乾坤大挪移)      Recommended!
Glad the devs decided not to hyper nerf this skill. Max! 

●Alfredo Whirlwind (摄魂怪旋风)     
Pretty insane with Alfredo Berserk ON when maxed. If you don't like ducks, you may get this one instead. Will delay Damage Transition if Alfredo is casting Whirlwind. Again, bear in mind that Alfredo die really fast with Damage Transition ON. Your choice. ;)

●Gatling Tower (加特林机枪塔)     
Not as IMBA as it used to be, still a good skill nevertheless since you don't need to control it. 

Pros: Higher damage than Cannon Tower assuming all you get full hits on target. Good on huge / immobile targets.
Cons: Really really low range! Knockback minor targets on hit which will cause even lesser hits when attacking monsters. Slow bullets are useless against agile targets.

●Cannon Tower (炮塔)   
Fire rate is a little slow although the damage is rather high when maxed. 

Pros: Long range AOE damage. Can easily hit agile targets.
Cons: Lowest damage of all towers.

●Ice Pump Tower (寒冰喷射塔)      Recommended!
Max! The slow and water defense reduction made this tower really useful. Not to mention Elestras will love you. 

Pros: Slow & water defense reduction on first hit. Good against pack of enemies. Damage is higher compared to Cannon Tower. (Have not compared Ice & Gatling though)
Cons: Hard to hit agile targets. Much lesser damage if there's only 1 target within attack range.

●Mecha Duck (重磅鸭)   
Level 6 for EX. Details below.

●Mecha Shock (重磅轰击)     
Got this to level 6 for 6 seconds electrocute. Damage is good, you can stack some light attack and see for yourself. Ducky's SA is not that high when casting this skill so they will be easily interrupted. 

●Mecha Siren (重磅汽笛)   
Leave this at lv 1. Silence duration is useless for PvE

●Mecha Bomber (重磅炸弹)      Recommended!
Get level 6 for 8 seconds reduced damage debuff. You can also max for 30% reduced damage. Ducks now have much higher Super Armor with EX when casting this skill. I got a skill ring for Mecha Bomber which enables me to get 12 seconds 33% reduced damage.

●Flash Grande (电光手榴弹)   
PVP / Dungeon skill. Didn't add due to SP shortage. 

●Demolition (摧毁)   
Nerfed. Can't kill golem in 1 Demolition now. You may add 1 level for breaking pillars and stuff though. 

Side Note: Not sure if it is me but... Right click damage seems to be much higher now?

●Skyline (天际)   
Level 2 damage is pretty good. Not to mention the skill hit range is much bigger now.


Gear Master:
NOTE: You need to spend 65 SP on Engineer tree in order to learn Gear Master's skills!

●Chainsaw Tower (链锯之塔)  Recommended!
Still the tower with best damage. You will need to place the tower near your target to maximize damage dealt though. I'm getting a -CD plate for this and place 2x Chainsaw Tower & 1x Ice Tower on field.

Pros: High damage, fast blades that penetrate targets, fast CD and stay long on field.
Cons: None!

●Mecha Duck EX (重磅鸭EX)  
Stupid ducks finally evolved! They move much faster now, they also have much higher super armor when casting skills. Definitely worth investing SP here.

●Big Mecha Bomber (超大重磅炸弹)  Recommended!
Burst damage. Fat duck is as gorgeous as ever.  


Heraldry Plates

Main Choices: Damage Transition (-12% CD), Ice Pump Tower (-12% CD), Ping Pong Bomb (+20% DMG), Chainsaw Tower (-12% CD)
Optional Choices: Gatling Tower (-12% CD), Big Mecha Bomber (+20% DMG), Mecha Bomber (-12% CD), Mine Thrower (+20% DMG)

Main Choices: PATK, Critical, AGI, Health, Vitality
Optional Choices: Final Damage, MP Regen, Iron Wall, Curtain


Equipments Suffix (Yet to decide)
Windswept: Helm, Shirt, Pants, Main Weapon
Life: Gloves, Boots
Destruction: Sub-weapon


Hotkey Arrangement
First row
1- Quick Shoot | 2- Ping Pong Bomb | 3- Stun Grenade | 4- Gravity Grenade | 5- Big Mecha Bomber | Z- Mine Thrower | X- Summon Mecha Duck | C- Chainsaw Tower | V- Ice Pump Tower | Q- Recall Alfredo

Second row
1- Wax | 2- Bio Missile | 3- Mecha Bomber | 4- Damage Transition | 5- Skyline | Z- Gravity Ball | X- Vending Machine | C- Alfredo Stomp | V- \\\ | Q- Summon Alfredo

Hotkey Remap: >DL Here<
*Allows you to use skills at 2nd row by clicking F1-F5. (Your change hotkey page button must be (~), if you changed this to other key, hotkey remap will not work!)

That’s all for now. Feel free to comment.
Credits to chaose5 and v2seraph from MMOsite forum.


  1. sir can you gave me a reason why maxing mine
    thrower instead of maxing gatling/cannon tower


    can you tell me what is better cannon tower or gatling gun????

    1. I believe the answer you want is already answered within the guide.
      Please check the pros ans cons for those skill you mentioned.
      However, all of these are opinions came from the writer himself only.

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