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This guide will look at several elements of disassembling; from the basics to the more advanced knowledge which some of you might not know. For those that are already familiar with disassembling and do not want to read the first three sections, please skip to the Advanced Mechanism section. Please take note this is not a guide on how to easily gain certain items.

WARNING: All information here are information I have personally gathered to my best knowledge and also information gathered from third parties (other users). They are not in any way 100% correct but more than likely what you will see in this guide is true. If there are any points that you think are incorrect or misleading, please kindly post and tell them here. I do not encourage trolling, but if you must (for whatever reason) go ahead, I will disregard it. And of course this’ll be a long post, no TL ; DR

Table of content

i. Basics of disassembling

ii. Comet dusts and sun sparks

iii. Geodes/Enhance codes

iv. Advanced Mechanism

v. Results of certain disassembling

vi. FAQ


i. Basics of disassembling

What is disassembling?

In Dragon Nest, disassembling is the process of ‘breaking apart’ your equipment to gain several items. The items you can get from disassembling are comet dusts, sun sparks, comet tails and geodes. There is also the item known as sun tail, but it is unknown for the current time being whether it is attainable or not through disassembling.

How to disassemble?

Go out of the city (any city) through a portal (any portal) and find the following machine:

The picture above showcases a disassembler in Gray Ruins.

What can you disassemble?

You can disassemble equipments. All types of equipment can be disassembled (aside from quest items I presume), however for each type of equipment there are different results.

When disassembling, the system classifies what you are disassembling to three categories:

· Primary weapon- yields the ‘best’ result

· Secondary weapon- second ‘best’ result

· Armor- ‘worst’ result

Exception to the Armor, within the Armor classification there are ‘sub-categories’ and those are Upper Body, Lower Body, Gloves, Helmet and Shoes. Again like the above categories, these ‘sub-categories’ also have varying results. There have been no extensive researches however on which yields the ‘best’ result within the Armor classification. Further explanation will be given regarding why there is an Armor classification and not directly creating the ‘sub-categories’ to individual categories.

Limits to disassembling

· You can only disassemble once at a time

· It costs you some gold. Varying items will have varying costs (often the cost is negligible though)

· Results are random and no numerical value is really known, however generalized results have been made

Quality of results from disassembling


· Epic > Rare > Magic rarity equipments. Epic rarity equipments give the ‘best’ result

· Higher level of equipments gives ‘better’ results i.e Lvl 40>32>24>16 equipments

Exception to what you can disassemble

Aside from being able to disassemble equipments, you can also disassemble Epic grade codes to get Epic grade revert cubes. Low Grade codes will give Low Grade Revert, Intermediate to Intermediate Revert and probably so forth later on. You can also sometimes get 2 Revert codes at a time, but it’s a small chance. This only applies to Epic grade codes and do not apply to Rare grade codes and below.

Low grade epic codes-> costs 3G each code (agate) to disassemble, costs 2G 75 Silver (crystal) to disassemble
Intermediate grade epic codes ->30G each code (agate) to disassemble, costs 20G (crystal) to disassemble

Sorceress’ Main Weapon and Secondary Weapons

While the staves are used as Main Weapons and dolls/crystal balls/spellbooks are used as Secondary Weapons, when disassembling staves become Secondary Weapons and yield the results of Secondary Weapons while dolls/crystal balls/spellbooks yield Main Weapon results.

ii. Comet dusts and sun sparks

What are they?

Comet Dusts and Sun Sparks are items which you can trade to the Blacksmith for geodes. They are also the most common result of disassembling.

Comet Tails and Sun Tails

Comet tails and sun tails can be traded in the blacksmith for 10000 comet dusts and 10000 sun sparks respectively. They are extremely valuable and can fetch a good price in TH. So far only highly enhanced equipment are known to yield Comet Tails. So far there is no known sight of a player having Sun Tail. When Sea Dragon Nest comes out, there is a chance to get Comet Tails at the end of the dungeon

iii. Geodes/Enhance Codes

What are they?

Geodes are items which can be used to enhance equipment to a certain enhancement level without any risk of failure. Geodes can be classified to either spiral/vortex codes and have rarity grades ranging from Magic, Rare, Epic and Unique. They also have enhancement levels and have equipment types. 'Geode' in DN SEA is often known Enhance Codes

The structure is like so. The Blue color indicates the rarity of the code.

Difference between spiral and vortex code

Spiral codes- Allow you to enhance equipment to a certain enhancement level without failure with the condition of the equipment having to be 1 enhancement less than the enhancement grade of the code itself. So for +12 spiral code, you need a +11 equipment to use the code.

Vortex codes- Allow you to enhance equipment to a certain enhancement level irrespective of the equipment’s current enhancement grade. So a +12 vortex can be used on a +0 equipment to turn it into a +12 equipment directly.

Also the level stated on the code means that any equipment of that level or below can be enhanced using the code.

Getting a geode

You can get geodes by exchanging Comet dusts/Sun sparks in the Blacksmith or through disassembling. However, geodes are relatively rare compared to Comet Dusts/Sun Sparks. The chance of getting a geode can be increased by disassembling more than one equipment at a time. To decrease the chance of getting a geode, just decrease the amount of equipments you are disassembling. There are also several factors that affect the geode produced through disassembling and will be discussed in the Advanced Mechanism section.

Moreover the equipment type of the geode you get will be determined from the type of equipment you disassembled, whether it is Main Weapon, Secondary Weapon, Gloves, Shoes etc.

iv. Advanced Mechanism

For starters, though I named this section the ‘Advanced Mechanism’ section, there are still many queries that I myself cannot answer. It is much appreciated if those who read this can also contribute to this section.

How do the results of disassembling happen?

The results of disassembling are by chance and purely random. There is ‘certain’ result and as aforementioned, there is no known numerical value of the chances of getting certain items. However so far we can generalize it like this:

Comet Dusts/Comet Tails/Sun Sparks > Geodes

It was mentioned before that disassembling a group of equipments together will cause a higher chance for a geode to appear and this is true. However a Comet Dusts/Comet Tails/Sun Sparks still have a higher chance to appear.

When you disassemble multiple equipments at once this is what I suspect happens:

1. System detects your items

2. System rolls the possible results for those items

3. System produces the results for each item individually

So where did the calculation of higher chance to get a geode came from? Personal experience. Not only that many have testified to this concept too. However again it’s all about luck. Moreover the amount of equipments you disassemble does not affect the quality of the outcome. This is again due to how the system takes into account the disassembling process to be individual processes despite the fact that you disassembled more than one.

So hence the question you may impose “Is there no possibility of the results to be a ‘combined’ or amalgamation of the results from all the disassembled equipments?” So far, nobody has reported of this happening nor have I gotten this sort of result from disassembling.

You kept using ‘best’ or ‘better’, what does the quotation mark mean?

The use of the quotation mark is to indicate that I am referring to subjectivity. What I posted above for Quality of results from disassembling is how the Dragon Nest system produce the results. In actual truth, disassembling higher enhancement grade of equipment might not necessarily yield the ‘best’ result for you. It might yield a low amount of Sun Sparks, while you were looking for a high amount of Comet Dusts. Also you should only compare the results of disassembling equipments of the same enhancement level but different rarity.

Take note however that the stated rule in Quality of results from disassembling is true for obtaining geodes.

How are geodes produced through disassembling?

Now this is the hard question. To be honest, I really want to say it comes from magic wonderland given by a mysterious old man that has a pot of gold with him and say yohohohohoho. But sadly, I can’t because this is a guide :p

Let’s first talk about the rarity of the geode you get. Most of my disassembling attempts yielded Rare rarity geodes. The thing is though, most of the equipments I disassembled were of Rare rarity grade. So now you may think “Looks like there is a correlation between the rarity grade of the geode and the rarity grade of the equipment you disassemble”. There might, there might not be. Need further investigation from those willing to help by disassembling epic items.

So far I would just say that you have more chance to get a Rare rarity geode than an Epic or even a Magic rarity geode.

Next up in the list of questions is how the enhancement level of the geode determined is. This is easier to clarify. First of all there is a direct correlation between the enhancement level of your equipment and the enhancement level of the geode you will receive. Here is the relation (a bit mathematical):

Let X be the enhancement level of your equipment, and your Y be the enhancement level of the code

Spiral code (minimum)

Vortex code (minimum)



So as you can see, for spiral code the enhancement level of the code would be at minimum Y=X-2 and you may get X-1 or even X-0. However that is for Main Weapon and Secondary Weapons. Here comes why there is the Armor classification:

Spiral code (minimum)

Vortex code (minimum)



I have never gotten a spiral code when I disassembled armors so I cannot give any information regarding the minimum. But if we were to take the same principle as seen from the Main Weapon and Secondary Weapon table, we get Y=X-4 for armors. This, ladies and gentlemen, apply to every Armor piece. Hence why an Armor category is considered by the system.

Also take note that this rule applies to both Epic and Rare rarity geodes. Furthermore, much of this is from personal experience and since disassembling is much about luck, you may get varying results. If you do and want to help, please post it :D

The next question you may ask then, “Does the rarity of the equipment you disassemble affect the enhancement level of the equipment?” And I have an answer to it, though may be incomplete. Thanks and credits to Gradius, he shared that for weapons of:

Rare rarity

Spiral code (maximum)

Vortex code (maximum)



Epic rarity

Spiral code (maximum)

Vortex code (maximum)



So it seems there is a correlation between the rarity of the equipment you disassemble and the enhancement level of the geode you will receive.

NOTE: It seems that many have gotten enhance codes from disassembling with enhance level outside of the above stated parameters. Somebody have gotten a vortex code with a drop of 6 enhance levels from the enhancement level of the disassembled equip. Please do note that this info may change from time to time, if enough information can be gathered. If not, then I would classify it as anomalies.

How do disassembling Rare and Epic equipments differ in results for Comet Dusts and Sun Sparks?

In terms of enhancement, you may know by now that a +11 Rare is as strong as a +9 Epic, +10 Rare as strong as +8 Epic and continuing on with the basic idea that Epic enhancement level is always as strong as Z+2, where Z is the enhancement grade of Rare rarity equipment. However when it comes to disassembling, the system does not recognize the enhancement grade like that. You won’t have the same result from disassembling +8 Epic rarity equipment and +10 Rare rarity equipment in terms of Comet Dusts/Sun Sparks. Hence do not think that you can exploit lower enhanced epic items to get the same amount of Comet Dusts/Sun Sparks from a higher enhanced Rare equipment.

Unique grade geodes, how to get them?

So far as I have known you can only disassemble equipment to get Unique grade geodes. However I personally have never gotten one, but if you check once in a while in TH, there are Unique grade geodes. So you can say that it is extremely rare.

Chances of getting a geode of a certain enhancement level

As established, we know now that there is a minimum enhancement level for the possible geode you may get from disassembling. As far as I’ve noticed and seen from other people results, the minimum enhancement level of the geode has the highest probability to be produced. So it is very hard and needs a lot of luck to produce the highest possible enhancement grade of the geode.

What determines the level of the geode produced (equipment level)

Well so far it is known that level 24 and 32 equipments give level 40 geode. Level 40 equipments give level 50 geode. So following the pattern, the previous equipment level would produce a geode of the next equipment level.

Does disassembling Equipments from Epic sets (Manticore, Cerberus, Apocalypse, Mino set etc.) yield better results?

No…just plain straight no. Do not attempt to disassemble Epic sets unless you want to feel disappointed.

v. Results of certain disassembling

First of all, for a more general result of disassembling please take a look at the following link:

General disassembling

Here are some known results of disassembling highly enhanced equipments (+10 and above). These are the possible results and may differ if you disassemble. Remember that disassembling is all about luck and chances:

· +13 24 Rare Main Weapon- Comet tail

· +12 24 Epic Main Weapon- Comet tail

· +13 32 Rare Main Weapon- 2x comet tail

· +12 24 Rare Lower Body- +7 40 Epic Vortex Code Lower Body

· +12 24 Rare Main Weapon- +9 40 Epic Vortex Code Main Weapon

· +13 32 Rare Main Weapon- +10 40 Epic Vortex Code Main Weapon

· +11 32 Rare Main Weapon- 15 sun sparks

· +12 32 Rare Main Weapon- 60 sun sparks

· +13 24 Rare Main Weapon- +11 40 Rare Vortex Main Weapon

· +10 32 Epic Main Weapon- 20 sun sparks

  • +13 40 Rare Main Weapon- 4 comet tails
  • +12 40 Rare Main Weapon- 90 sun sparks
  • +12 24 Epic Main Weapon- 1 comet tail
  • +13 24 Epic Main Weapon- 2 comet tails
  • +14 24 Rare Secondary Weapon- 1 comet tail
  • High Grade Agate Codes (Epic)- 60 gold, High Grade Revert Cube
  • High Grade Crystal Codes (Epic)- 40 gold, High Grade Revert cube
  • +4 40 Epic Main Weapon- 71 comet dusts
  • +5 40 Epic Main Weapon- 1 Sun Spark 3 Comet Dusts
  • +6 40 Rare Main Weapon- 1 Sun Spark 1 Comet Dust
  • +13 40 Rare Lower Body- 1 comet tail

vii. FAQ

Does the particular item (e.g Silver Lion Flail, Goblin Shortbow, Ogre Pants) you disassemble affect the outcome of the result? How about potentials and prefixes?

It's a yes and a no. It is a yes because item types do affect the result of disassembling BUT only on the classification types (e.g is it Upper Body? Main Weapon? Secondary Weapon? Lower BOdy? etc.) The particular name of the item itself has no (should not) affect on the outcome of disassembling. +10 Ogre Sword would give the same as any other +10 lvl 40 rare main weapon. Both prefixes and potentials and also as I have said equipment set (e.g EQ, Cerb, Apo, Manti) has no effect on the outcome. Mind you, this answer is based on observation so far and mostly personal ones. If you FEEL that you have varying results and seem to get better outcomes out of certain equipments, then go ahead and believe in it.

Why did the disassembler give me nothing when I disassembled?

  • You haven't enhanced it yet or the enhancement level is too low
  • The level of your equipment is too low
  • The rarity of the equipment is too low

I heard you can get an enhance code of higher level enhancement than your equipment's enhancement level (e.g disassembling +5 nets you a +9 code). Is this true??

I don't know really, I never experienced it myself. Unless I can get a very solid evidence (such as a SS of the person's inventory bag and what he is disassembling, to make sure he doesn't have the code previously) or better yet a video, I can't say much about this. But rejoice the possibility is there perhaps that disassembling is not as simple as we thought and if you get lucky you may get something really unexpected (and perhaps awesome too). As the writer of this guide though, pukepukepuke more things to look up for

What the F*** your information is wrong, it doesn't match my experience and what others say

Experience my boy, experience. Like I've said in the beginning of the guide, information are based on what I've gathered whether through primary or secondary means. While I can say that the overall analysis of the system of disassembling is correct, I can't say the same for the results you may get. There would definitely be discrepancies.


  • Forum Community which provides information to the author
  • Special credits to the Zaffrex from DragonNest Source
  • theorgil from CherryCredits Forum which is the author

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