September 17, 2013

DDN Trials

Okay , I started this thread so that everyone can share their run in DDN.
And , this is where we can learn from each other.

First trial with publics:

This was done at the day DDN released.

Second trial with semi fixed party:

I was panic for poison cage and used my teleport wrongly.

Third trial with semi fixed party:

Note: We die due to the flower in a square manner and our leader panic a little bit.
He used the spiral kick after his chain trampoline.

Forth trial with semi fixed party:

Learnt most of the skill patterns.
And, you can look at 21:08. Iframe or coincidence seems to work there. (shame) 
Just need to pay more attention on floor when walking around to avoid those poison pools.

I will update more DDN runs in a weekly basis. (:>)