January 6, 2012

Black Rose's Windwalker Skill Build

First of all , I would like to emphasis that Skill Builds are very unique and meant to be cope with gamers' play style. So , take this as a guide line but don't follow it solely.
Before going into details of the Windwalker Build, as usual, I will show the description of the 3 new skills first.
  • Show Time: A buff that reduce all passive action skill (e.g. Air Walk, Spiral Kick, Spirit Flame, Top Spinning, etc) cooldown by 90%. cooldown 56 sec, duration 10 sec at Lv2.
  • Spiral Kick EX: Enhanced spiral kick. Left clicking activates Spirit Flame, right clicking kicks the enemy higher up into the air for further combo. Inc 30% damage.
  • Rising Storm: pull and spin enemy around high up in the air. Phy dmg 664%+2390 at lv1. CD 45sec. AOE 2.5m, High superarmor while casting.

The player in the video shown here doesn't use the following skill build. Please be cautious.

Build Number 1: AOE Type 1

Build Number 2: AOE Type 2

Build Number 3: Single Target Damage Type 1

Build Number 4: Single Target Damage Type 2

Make sure you are using Vigor Prefix for your quiver and you will have no problem for showtime spam, your true dmg comes when you use showtime. Energy plate is no longer required once you have Vigor Prefix. Anyway my fav is Build Number 3: Single Target Damage Type 1.

Skill Acc Choices
Necklace = Eagle Dive to make it Lv16 or Spirit Boost to make it Lv5 (Spirit Boost will be better for Raid)
Earring = Spiral Vortex to make it Lv11 for Build Number 1 and 2, Air Pounce to make Lv16 for Build Number 3 and 4.Ring1 = Shortbow Mastery to make it Lv4 
Ring2 = Spiritual Excel to make it Lv4 or Tip Top to make it Lv4(You can pick either Spiritual Excel for some boost of DPS or Tip Top for more I-Frame)

Will be the best if you are rich enough to get the Final Damage Nest Acc for Max FD then you can just ignore which Skill Acc to use.

Finally get a cash custume weapons to make your Twin Shot Lv21 for Build Number 1 and 3.

Skill Heraldry
Spiral Kick Dmg 20%
Spirit Boost Cool Down Reduce 12%
Eagle Dive Dmg 20%
Double Sam Kick Dmg 20%
That’s all for now. Feel free to drop in any comments.

Credits to chaose5 from MMOsite forum and dragonnestblog.com .


  1. can use item to increase showtime duration??

    1. I believe the 50 level epic heraldry of showtime can increase the duration.