January 15, 2012

Opal (蛋白石) T4 Destroyer Build

First of all , I would like to emphasis that Skill Builds are very unique and meant to be cope with gamers' play style. So , take this as a guide line but don't follow it solely.
Before going into details of the Destroyer Build, as usual, I will show the description of the 3 new skills first.
  • Breaking Point: Chance to break enemy superarmor and deal critical hits. 15% chance, cd 7sec.
  • Flying Swing EX: Enhanced flying swing, deal additional aftershock damage. AOE significantly improved.
  • Maelstorm Howl: Suck the enemy around him towards himself and howl to deal heavy damage. While sucking, phy and mag damage received is reduced by 70%. Phy dmg 494.8%+2638. CD 45sec at Lv1. The suction damage ignores target’s invincibility, guardian shield etc.
The video below shows a Destroyer solo-ing Cerebus Nest.

The player in the video shown here doesn't use the following skill build. Please be cautious

The Build (My current. See below for a better damage alternative build in the Mercenary tree): 


Brief explanation on some of the skill choices:

(The skill names I'm going by are from the translation patch on this forum)


Tumble, Dash, Aerial Evasion, Strength/Mental Mastery, Mental Training, Brush Off, Surprise Attack: All maxed, for obvious reasons.

Dash Kick, Sweeping Kick, Soccer Kick, Drop Kick: Honestly, the points in Dash Kick was more to reach the 45 sp requirement for the Ultimates. The other 3, I rarely blend together with skills to continue combos.

Highlander: Fail safe skill, might as well grab it just in case of a potential party wipe.


Stomp: Lv 3 for an even 20% movement reduction.

Flying Swing: Lv 6 for pre-req of Ex. Lv 8 for added damage.

Demolition Fist/Punishing Swing: Both left at lv 1. Just felt there were other more important skills and the damage is still decent.

Swing Circle, Circle Bomber, Whirlwind, Rolling Attack: All maxed. Pretty much my bread and butter attacks in the long run.

Gigantic Bomber: Left at lv 1 for Breaking Point pre-req. Typhoon Wheel is much better.

Typhoon Wheel: Maxed. Suction effect and good damage.

Dash Upper/Soccer Kick Combo: Lv 1. I occasionally come out of dashing with this before chaining skills.

Thorns: Maxed. Passive physical damage reduction.

Iron Skin: Maxed. -60% Damage reduction and Super Armor effect, a must for survival.

Battle Howl: Maxed. Increased damage and critical rate. Also easily maintainable, thus no need for the skill crest now.

Charging Howl: Maxed. Reduce physical and magical damage on you and your party members.

Destructive Scream: Maxed. Nerf target's attack and magic attack power by 50% for 20 seconds, another great skill in parties.

Sober Howling: Lv 2. This was just my preference. I'd rather have the ability to remove 2 debuffs on a boss than 1 (and then waiting 27 seconds to debuff the other buff still on the boss). Up to you as to what lv you'd want it as (if you want it at all).


Breaking Point: Maxed. On success, it'll be a critical hit and also destroy the target's super armor. Love this passive. Make dungeon bosses dance with Whirlwind/Typhoon. Don't think this works on Nest bosses though... (Correct me if I'm wrong).

Maelstrom Howl: Maxed. Suction effect on casting as well as 70% damage reduction during the cast. High damage, especially with the criticals.

Flying Swind Ex: Lv 1 (Maxed). Turns your Flying Swing into a ranged skill with multiple waves upon release. Damage increased by +20% per shockwave.

My Skill Crests:

Helm: Windswept
Body Armor: Windswept
Leg Armor: Windswept
Gloves: Life
Shoes: Windswept

Enhancement Crests:
Destructive, Life, Healthy, Fatal, Impregnable, Dire, Windswept, Barrage. 

Flying Swing Variant Build (Better overall damage): 

The Changes: Left Stomp and Sober Howling at Lv 1.
Skill Bars 1 and 2:



That’s all for now. Feel free to comment. You may want to provide feedback. Thanks alot!

Credits to chaose5 and Opal_蛋白石 from MMOsite forum.


  1. Hi mate. Just want to ask your opinion about this build. I suppose it's more based for PVP. http://jcaspian.co.cc/dn/simulator/?YlRwGN_jtuigkZAXH-tKNas|144$312$44&ifr=destroyer.html

    1. As for PvP,
      You won't need much MP skill such as Mental Mastery and Mental Training as it won't affect much.

      The rest is quite fine. Just follow the skill build above as it is mainly for PvP.

      Do remember that skill build are meant to cope with player's game style.

  2. how could you call yourself a Destroyer when you don't have Flying sWing EX and Maelstorm Howl ? ...whats the purpose on making flying swing at lvl11 when you intend not to learn Flying swing EX? ...i find ur build so complicated .

  3. Is this T4 Skill Build?

  4. parang gago yang build mo. .nagdestroyer ka pa kung hindi mo din ilelearn yung mga skill ng destroyer!!chiii!!mongoloid