March 4, 2012

Koinzell(GigaVolt)'s Inquisitor DPS / Support Hybrid Build (PVE)


For your information , this is a Inquisitor DPS / Support Hybrid Build (PVE) . In this build , GigaVolt focus more on DPS skill and minimum the relic skill so that it is hybrid in both way and able to solo nests.




Skill Crests:

Remaining 10 skill points goes to Miracle. This build focuses on DPS, while still being able to heal a moderate amount.

Heal is maxed to lvl 9 coupled with a +3% heal amt skill crest. That brings you to 14.4% heal, which is great, especially for end-game characters with high hp. This is to make up for level 7 heal relic.

Heal relic lvl 7. Why is it not maxed? Simple - if I want to max it, I might as well play a Saint. Some points are sacrificed here to achieve higher DPS. And heal relic lvl 7 is sufficient for low hp chars (mages, archers).

The 2 options above cover you for healing different hp ranges, and I've never had trouble with bishop nest parties regarding the healing amount I can provide.
Note: this is with light atk build (i.e. lower mag atk).

I think this is fairly straightforward, based on the skills I maxed and the skill crests I selected. Watch my nest solo vids, it should be self explanatory.

All relics are kept at minimum level, for their utility, and heal relic at 7 (already explained in healing section). Bind relic dropped for more SP, since I don't really do PVP.

Blessing of Light, Blessing of Strikes maxed for DPS. Protection shell minimum level.

Well, clerics have the highest hp and highest def and mdef.. you seriously dont need more damage reduction. With some skill, you can dodge the truly fatal attacks.

As for parties, 18% is better than nothing :P.
For SDN, you have saints in the party with max Protection Shell.

My stats for lvl 40 Mobs:

- 1 Intelligence suffix, 1 Magic suffix, both +11
- Light atk potentials

- 4 Intelligence suffixes, 1 Life suffix, all +9
- 4 out of 5 with perfect potentials, 1 with int and HP.

This setup is optimized for damage against lvl 40 mobs (i.e. SDN), with 795 FD and close to 95% crit with 9.6k crit.
Damage can be improved further with a FD 3rd opt heraldry plate, but I'm not getting it as I am exploring something else (see below).

My stats for lvl 50 Mobs (may undergo more changes):

What's next? I am currently exploring higher hp, Matk and Crit build, with lower light atk and dropping FD. This would mean a setup to optimize damage against lvl 50 mobs (i.e. GDN). Those with experience will know that crit against lvl 50 mobs adds alot of damage due to the high def of lvl 50 mobs.

Will update again if the build is completed. :D

Alright, here's the update:

I have only 1 set of equip against both lvl 40 and lvl 50 now, unlike the setup above.



2 of the same ring btw.

Skill Plates:
I bought the heraldry expansion to put in 3 more skill plates for more DPS:

As you can see, the char (gear wise) is almost complete. Best case is if I had gotten the same potential as my shield, for my wand.

To sum up, Giga has high HP, def, mdef, matk, crit (95%), and decent light atk (42% with buff). Clerics are IMBA. My heal relic is insane now too, it's even better than a decent geared priest now, despite not being maxed.

Next upgrade should be the last 40L, 2 50S parts, followed by 5 50L parts.

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